Top Kiz




“TOP KIZ” is the new Kizomba single by Max Baffo Dj, featuring Mayjkool Dj, that is going to open the forthcoming Latin season in Italy. The news wave will keep on flowing thanks to the renewed music trends available to dance lovers that have the power to arouse new emotions in them and their craving for dancing. That’s exactly what happens with TOP KIZ, a piece that is full of seduction and atmosphere which demands nothing but intense looks and an intimate, passion-filled choreography. A solitary tenor sax, that is the main character in all versions, stands out emphasizing its dominance, surrounded by impressive tones enfolding it with a delicate harmony.

The piece is presented as a foretaste of the album that is due to be released in January by DOWNBRIDGE PUBBLISHING and distributed by ALOSIBLA MUSIC GROUP.

The project, promoted by Max Baffo Dj who is also the author, highlights the perfect artistic understanding between the two popular dj-producers who don’t hesitate to show all the experience they have gained over many years of music making.
Supported by Kizomba Milano, one of the most important founding groups of the renown Kizomba Italia association, the project is going to have the success it deserves contributing, therefore, to the circulation of new music and choreography styles.