Simplemente Fernando


‘Simplemente Fernando’ is the title of the first complete disk from the choreographer and dancer Fernando Sosa in the role of the, ‘singer and poet’; a piece of work that was born not only from an artistic collaboration, but also from a friendship which was established several years ago with the teacher and pianist, Massimo Scalici. This association, which began merely for enjoyment in 2006, has brought these two recording artists into the limelight with four successful works already appearing on the best compilation produced in Italy.

With the album, you will discover an eclectic Fernando Sosa; one who, with a heart-felt passion has crossed the boundaries of singing with his characteristic stubborn determination, trying to show everyone the ‘other artist’ and more than likely revealing the lesser known side of the Uruguayan choreographer in the process.

The verses he composed and interpreted are filled with sentiment as they recount the moments from his everyday life intertwined with the relationships and loneliness, between joy and nostalgia, satisfaction and sacrifices, in a mix of emotions, skilfully produced by the diverse and profound arrangements of Massimo Scalici.

As guests of honour, we meet Tony Velardi, the arranger of the piece called, ’La Fama’ and Tito Valdez in his role of an author in ‘ Descarga Tròpical’ as well as Barbarita Jimenez and Roly Maden energetically taking part in ‘Palpitaciones’.

….but listening to the disk, an interesting peculiarity on the very first track, introduces us to the pieces; a spoken prelude and astonishingly with no music, a pleasant atmosphere that evokes the feelings of what will follow…..

Then the musical moment begins with, ‘LOCO POR VOS’, an intriguing salsa with the spirit of the most passionate dancers and their world; followed by, ‘LOCURA TG’, a salsatòn in ‘spanglish’ (a mixture of English and Spanish), made distinct by the collaboration with Alyra Lennox, the sweet and poetic melody of ‘CAROLINA’ softly calms the rhythm, which up until now, has been lively, to then return to ‘LA SABROSA’, the track dedicated to the orchestra that accompanies it on the disc. Then another provocative and inspirational salsatòn with the title of ‘METELE PASION’, which urges the conquest of your own personal talent. ‘AMORES’ is a delicate showcase inspired by the unpredictable tricks of love. ‘LA FAMA’, an energetic reggae that tells of the hardship and complexity of his experience of his life as a successful dancer. The arrangement edited by Tony Velardi, keeps a lively rhythm, a great torment for the up coming summer…….
‘PALPITACIONES’ follows, an interesting combination of poetical verses dedicated to his own wife, skilfully interpreted together with Barbara Jimenez and Roly Maden. A new version for ‘DESCARGA TROPICAL’, known for having been the first success for Fernando Sosa and Massimo Scalici. Following on, we find ‘CAROLINA’ in a pop version, interpreted in Italian by Massimo Scalici.

The album concludes with ‘ZULMA’, a poem recited by Fernando Sosa and dedicated to his ’grandmother’; a moving moment submerged in the magical musical atmosphere conjured by the notes of the pianoforte.

Simplemente Fernando is a production edited by Alosibla ( )

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