Sax on Kiz Vol.1




As already announced in October 2014, when the single titled TOP KIZ was released, Max Baffo Dj and Myjkool Dj, in cooperation with Alosibla Music Group and Downbridge Publishing, have the pleasure to present SAX ON KIZ Vol. 1. This is a compilation of Kizomba songs featuring the magical sound of saxophone that is the key player of charming melodies and improvisations. Thanks to the passion it conveys, the sax has the power to rekindle the delicate, choreographic erotism that is typical of this kind of dance. The intense musicality of this CD confirms the artistic understanding of the two popular DJs. For this CD, one of them is author and promoter, while the other took care of composing and
arranging the songs. Thanks to their 10-year-long professional experience, Max Baffo and Myjkool have been able to harmonize the dancers’ requirements and kizomba’s musical characteristics. Amongst the 12 songs of the compilation, there is one of them that boasts a very special guest indeed, that is Jevat Star, one of the most popular Macedonian singers. He managed to enrich and enhance the R’n’B track titled Por Que (Soske) by adding some fascinating oriental influences, and the song is sung in the original language for such a special occasion. Kizomba has become a trendy dance in Italy. Its origins are to be found in Angola but it has rapidly overcome the borders of Latin countries to become very popular both in Europe and worldwide, by adjusting to and enriching itself through the various influences and contaminations it has come across along the way.

However, there is a special quality of this musical genre that has remained intact, and that is its unbridled sensuality made of slow and sinuous movements that, by suggesting soft contacts and light interlacements that envelop dancers with pleasure, seem to emanate warmth and passion. The dancers’ mutual understanding is shown without shame and the body is the true creator and master of that magical bond.

Press Release: Laura Vinella
by I Art Comunication