Vol. 9



It is with great honor that we present the 9th edition of the Compilation ( Vol.9), the long-awaited winter music release, produced in Italy and enriched by a constant vitality in its music. This project, produced by Alosibla Music Group, is presented once again to the market as a closing statement of an intense year and as an opening to a new hopeful one, with the motto “Don’t Stop The Music”. Inspired by the most important Italian portal dedicated to Latin music and directed by Francisco Rojos, Compilation Vol. 9 is ready to top the charts and the preferences of a diversified audience of listeners and dancers.An enthusiastic choir starts the first track sung by Massimo Scalici; his “Yo Quiero” announces a new-found feeling that reaches its peak here. The song has a lot of rhythm and everlasting energy; as a special guest we find Talento Havana, united to sing the wonderful lyrics written by Francisco Rojos.Another presence by Ciclon Cubano with the lilting “Ni Uno Mas”; it is from a stable and creative line-up that a new hit was born this year and we are sure that this track is going to trigger the most talented dancers; it is also thanks to the participation of Napo Dj, expert of the “dance floor”, that this pretty balanced and amazingly performed song was born.

A more moderate momentum introduces “Espacio”, the unique salsa by El Timba Dj which, thanks to two very special guests, Carlos Gonzalez and Barbara Jimenez, gives birth to a style that definitely cannot be labeled as classic; string orchestra and melodic contaminations bring us inside the theme of love, in an amazing duet between Carlos y Barbarita, leading us into their passionate improvisations.

A sparkling bellow enchants in “Bachatango Para Ti”, the first novelty of this edition; the protagonist of this instrumental version is Gamilon. Produced at the “I Art Studios”, this track sees Fabrizio Zoro on percussions, Flavio Pizzorno and Fabio Bolzoni as musical directors and of course Claudio Ranalli and his magic bellow.

Another important artist who is very much related to the Dominican music is Gino Dj who is present here with two of his tracks; “No Crees En El Amor” and “Estar Contigo”, respectively sung by Jefry and Juan Manuel, are two greatly conceived bachatas. They present no particular contamination, but also for this reason they are very pleasant to the ears and unique.

Another double appearance for this new release, by Latin Sound Machine, the creators of a very peculiar Pop/Soul/Latin; the stylistic contamination, which is this band’s trademark, brings us “Cha Cha Fever”, a combination between Latin and soul rhythms…… but this is not all there is; follows “Why”, a salsa sung in English by the unmistakable voice of Fabio Ilacqua; it is rich in pop/soul fusions coming from the composer, Fabio Gianni’s musical background.

We are very happy to welcome back Fito Gress with a romantic salsa that he wrote; with “Un Ancla En El Amor” he celebrates the most noble feeling thanks to his ability to give us emotions together with the uniqueness that highlights his unmatched artistic growth.

Another new artist in this release is Francisco Bayon; his “Hoy” is a wonderful romantic salsa in an amazing duet with Oliver Urdaneta, famous Venezuelan artist; magical atmospheres and an overflow of feelings highlight his debut.

Another long-time guest of Compilation is Alejandro Martinez; “Pa’ Bajo” is a song that, with courage and acuity, talks about everyday life with a message in its lyrics…

It is from the creative minds of Ivan Bridon and Talento Havana that “Virgen” was born, a fascinating bachata rich in harmonies sung by choirs and wonderful atmospheres; because of its quality of being very pleasant to the ears, Virgen is ideal for the most passionate and sexy dancers.Debut by Pablo Timba y on Timba Calle with “Para Toda La Vida”, a sentimental but simple and elegant bachata.More peculiar sounds were used for “5 Minutos”, sung by Ivan Venot & Tony Velardi, who are very good at improvising; Fabrizio Zoro and Fabio Bolzoni’s supervision contributed in the creation of a less electric version of the track.

Like for the other releases, we have an international guest; an artist of Venezuelan origins, Tony Messina presents “Pero En Cambio Yo”, a romantic salsa recorded in Cali (Colombia), under Maurizio Toledo’s artistic direction, Joe Velez’s arrangements.

Talento Havana is rightfully so the most featured artist with 3 tracks and several guest appearances; “Mi Salsa”, with its typical Cuban sound, that features Maikel Lopez as a guest in an unstoppable version for “ruedas”; follows “Ula Ula” a trendy Cuban merengue and “Toca Toca” a dembow perreo full of versatility; always eclectic and supported by their publishing company Gate One, Ricky Jo and Julio Cesar el Emperador will never let their fans down.

Another long-time guest is Flia Familia who sings “Pa Que Te Duela”; a great cooperation with dj El Gordo contributed this time to the production of a high-impact Salsa, far from the laid-back style of the previous compositions, but with a differentiated tone.

Enik is the last new entry of Compilation; his “Nuevo Amor” is a bachata that describes, with its atmospheres, feelings and emotions of love, with simplicity and slight hope.

A particular compliment goes also to several Singers, Authors, Songwriters, Musicians, Deejay and Publishing Companies, that we could not mention here, but that intensively contributed to this release. A big thank you goes to all of the Alosibla Music Group’s team for the operational activity; to Francisco Rojos, talent-scout and artistic director of this project; to Tito Moreno for the coordination, supervision, PR and marketing direction; to Ilario Calì for the administrative management and counseling, graphic direction, musical assistance, “press agency” coordination and the executive production.

By I Art Communication