Vol.10 Gold Edition

Compilation Vol.10 Gold Edition


This year, Compilation has reached its 10th release. First recorded in 2004, the compilation featuring Francisco Rojos as artistic head (the man who created one of the most popular websites for information on Latin American music and culture), immediately became a true point of reference for Italian and other nationalities artists alike, who follow and play this kind of music here, in our country. Thanks to this recording project they managed to secure an increasingly important share of the music scene and many of them have unquestionably achieved international popularity. During the current decade, a growing number of passionate fans have been able to enjoy their talent and mastery, consolidating that special relationship based on a close affinity shared by those who create music, those who perform it and those who listen and dance to it.

Wrapped in a lavish and precious package, that makes it look sparkling and exclusive, the 2013 release has kept its cool and smiling mascot, ‘the parrot dressed as a painter’. For this tenth and meaningful birthday all the staff at Alosibla Music Group, that is part of DownBridge Publishing, together with the main artists from the previous releases and some important guests, have conceived the “Gold Edition”, a special recording cut out for such an extraordinary event. Compilation “Gold Edition” is offered as a double album enclosed in a stylish, golden cover, composed of 36 tracks that are rich in distinctive features, that is ‘old/new sound, ‘old/new sound, Caribbean & tropical style’. Here following, we are proud to introduce all the artists who took part in this unique work. Together with our heartfelt thanks, we wish them the success they deserve. Further information and reviews can be found on

Thanks to all the artists into disc 1:
Tony Velardi, Azucar, Carlitos Irarragorri y José Alberto “El Canario, Alma Latina, Ricky B, Cuto Olaya & Orquesta, Gamilon, Maikel Lopez & Latin Sound Machine, Francisco Rojos, Pablo Timba ft. Talento Havana, Dj El Dan, Francisco Rojos y Ivan, Talento Havana, Massimo Scalici, Latin Sound Machine, Negra Mariposa, Sintonia Tres, Talento Havana, Fabrizio Zoro

Thanks to all the artists into disc 2:
El Timba y Fabio Gianni, Urbana 22 ft. Tony Velardi, Alfredo De La Fé & Rodri-Go, Buena Gente, Barrio Malo, Massimo Scalici, Max Blanco, El Timba y Fabion ft. Max Tu Niche, Ivan Venot & Tony Velardi, Luisito Rosario, Virginia La Cubana, Al Pollan, El Gongui ft. Gino Dj, Talento Havana ft. Dj Paso, Erika Latingroove, Sintonia Tres, Dj El Dan, Tumba Boyz

Finally, our ten-year old gratitude goes to Ilario Calì, Moreno Bernardinello, Francisco Rojos, the makers and promoters of this unforgettable compilation.

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