In the album we can find Tuareg merchants’ trips, the boundless horizons of the Silk Road, red sunsets in the woods of the cold North, ocean depth, all images painted with music and told using the Esperanto language in order to connect the whole world with an imaginary flight and a symbolic hug. It’s an ode to the human spirit need ranging and always searching for new horizons.
The ensemble Rêverie was born in 1996 and created by the composer and guitarist Valerio Vado. The project aim is the realization of modern music starting from Italian, European and Mediterranean ancient sources and elaborating this charm through a contemporary sensibility.

The group use a big variety of instruments, connected by popular and classical traditions (wind instruments, guitars, mandolin, violoncello, piano, percussions) and others electronic (keyboards, effects), achieving a “folk-progressive” sound.
Among the most important participations: “MiTo SettembreMusica”, “Shakespeare in Rome”, “Premi Friûl”, “East Is West”.
The last published cd before Revado is Shakespeare, la donna, il sogno (2008).
The ensemble is composed by: Fanny Fortunati, Fulvia Borini, Alberto Sozzi, Valerio Vado and Daniele Defranchis.