Oliver – La Ruta Sin Fin


La Ruta Sin Fin – An endless road – is the title of the album by Oliver Urdaneta and it was presented for the first time on July 9th 2009 at Italian and European market.
This publication by Oliver, produced by Level 49 and edited by Alosibla and Bertostudio, proposes again love as main theme in all the tracks, in a variety of rhythms, salsa, bachata and cha cha cha, which offers a musical and stylistic heterogeneity of remarkable thickness.
From the 12 tracks listening everyone becomes immediately aware of the sound change, that is more warm, less electric and different from the past, result of a timbre evolution for the arrangements entirely and for the occasion by the master Alessandro Bertozzi.
Instead, quite all the tracks are composed by Oliver, underlying unequivocally a succeeded creative and artistic maturity.
Oliver Urdaneta lives in our country for some years and is really very appreciated among Latin American music fans, through his numerous successes, published in the most prestigious Compilations, and especially through his concerts, where his wonderful and powerful singing talent comes out with his “showman” personality, typical of a Latin music outstanding person.
We are pleased to give the public the possibility to be overwhelmed by his untiring and perpetual desire of making music, running…An endless road.

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