meKaniKaKiz 2.0


MekanikaKiz 2.0


Following in the wake of his previous Kizomba project, Geppo DJ presents the second MEKANIKAKIZ album. Just one year on, and with the same thirst for musical experimentation, Geppo DJ, together with the valuable collaboration of Alanprex, continues his artistic exploration of the mysterious atmospheres and timbres that make up his repertoire and style. Numerous original pieces make up the second Mekanikakiz album, an abundance of electronic sounds and refined fusion, from Kizomba and Zouk rhythms and the more modern sounds of Tribal all the way to the boundaries with Ambient music – the result is a version of Ghetto Zouk in the two Salento DJs’ own style. Particularly noteworthy tracks are Tarrafrikan and Kizland and two remixes from the first album by two well-known international producers, DJ Rams (Portugal) and DJ Russelius (Angola).

Available from 1st May 2016 at all the main Digital Stores, Geppo DJ, Alanprex and MekanikaKiz have chosen the Terni Festival Karipande on 23 April 2016 for the official presentation.