New Kizomba release with an all Italian production.
MEKANIKAKIZ is the title of the first album by DJ Salentino Geppo who, thanks to the artistic collaboration with house DJ “Alanprex”, was able to transform a long-lasting friendship into a common musical project. Through a synthesis of knowledge and creativity, the two DJs have composed 11 songs with original sonorities that are able to sound pleasant and exciting even to an audience that is not too familiar with this new music and dance trend.
MEKANIKAKIZ enhances atmospheres and rhythms that belong more to modern genres, which are Kizomba’s offsprings, such as Tarraxinha and Ghetto-Zouk.

The 11 tracks of the album also include several contaminations of Semba, Afro-House, Kuduro as well as a markedly House style bonus track by DJ Alanprex. Such a sub-genre variety adds value to the project, that has been gathering a strong consensus by many Kizomba dance schools in Italy.

Published by Downbridge Publishing, Makanikakiz is available at main digital stores from 1st May, 2015.