Latin Freedom Vol. 2




Second important work for Latin Freedom Compilation, which has relied on summer for its fascinating musical program this year. Latin Freedom Vol. 2, supported once again by the artistic consultancy of Francisco Rojos, develops and changes while enriching of new sounds, styles and trends, which make our Latin nights uplifting and endless.
Produced by Otra Fuente and Alosibla Music Group, the Compilation presents 19 songs well conceived and matched emphasizing romantic atmospheres as well as more aggressive rhythms, often contaminated by more electric parts, which are less typical of Latin music.
The first song is performed by Maikel Lopez; his Mirame Abrazame emphasizes such a strong passionate nature distinguishing him, and his ability to express himself through his seducing performances.
Next artists are Ciclon Cubano, with the Italian re-release of their previous hits, Un Dia Yo. The interesting experiment is supported by a wonderful musical arrangement.
Next comes the salsa version of George Michael’s famous hit, Careless Whisper, performed by Latin Sound Machine, always faithful to their own style.
The work successfully came out thanks to the creative sensibility of Fabio Gianni and the unique voice of Fabio Ilacqua, melting the original atmospheres of the song.
Coming from Dominican Republic, Ander makes his debut in Italy with Nunca Pensé; a classical and pleasant bachata with the precious collaboration of Gino Dj.
Next up is Was You, a wonderful Kizomba and indisputable “hit” of this edition; it’s produced by Otra Fuente, with the arrangements of Marco Ferretti, supported by his unfailing intuition.
A more romantic approach distinguishes the presence of Talento Havana; their Te Vas breaks with “Ton Music” which used to distinguish them. Guided by the maestro Bridon, the group demonstrated their great skill in performing softer atmospheres. With Tremendo No Se Que we’ll find them in their lively and strong Cuban mood again. Unique is the participation of great Moises Fernandez who we find in both songs.
Double contribution for Francisco Bayron; Lo Que Faltò is a whirling and irrepressible salsa song, wonderfully duetted with Aymé; Que Lo Que Pasa is an audacious and overwhelming cha cha, full of electric fascinating sounds, of which the famous Dj Lucky is guest.
Prestigious comeback of Flia Familia with a rearrangement of Mi Niña, a soft bachata, pleasant to listen and perfect for dancers of every level.
By Gamilon another bachatango song of alternative musicality; Sonido Bachango strongly expresses the idea of “fusion”, while emphasizing the courageous instrumental union between “overdrive and accordion”; special guests are Larry Bass, the sensational guitar performance by Sabrina Landi and the unique accordions of Claudio Ranalli.
A great Cuban energy is released from the song Ahora, produced by the famous Berna Jam and performed by an overpowering Roly Maden; very strong is the presence of a special guest like Roberto “Van Van”.
The Cuban mark continues with Miguel Enriquez, who performs 12 21 12 with fine great joy, an ironic salsa song about the supposed end of the world “just avoided”.
Now it’s time for Dame Un Beso, an amazing merengue by Rodri – Go!, which will satisfy the most tireless dancers and Urban Style lovers.
Frenetic rhythm arrives from Sol del Caribe who present the re-make of Mala Reputacion. This new version, supported by El Timba Dj, increases its overwhelming energy and captivates dance floor in a vortex of vitality, which is perfect for exciting performances.
Next comes No Sirvo Pa’ Queso, an intriguing guaguancò song, which satisfys 70’s Old Style lovers. Its vintage mark enhances the conflict with new trends, while bringing us back to historical sounds of Latin music. Coming from Connecticut, a guest of undisputed talent performs Parece Mentira, a romantic salsa of which Tony Messina is author and composer.
Gino Dj has the task of emphasizing new trends with the Dembow of restless Skary; Te Gusta Asi offers a little more of two minute of pure energy, it’s a challenge for best entertainers.
The wonderful voice of Fito Gress closes the compilation with the pop-ballad Corazón, a song from his latest album.
A final deserved thank to the performers, authors and composers who have contributed to the creation of this project. Another appreciation is also due to the producers, editors and record labels who constantly support such musical realities. The highest compliments go out to the entire staff of Otra Fuente and Alosibla Music Group for the effort to coordinate the production.

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