Kizomba Compilation

Kizomba Compilation


Following the numerous productions involving Kizomba as the new trendy musical genre in World Music, there it is, Kizomba Compilation, with its refined image, produced by Alosibla Music Group and Smayra Publishing. Supported by the artistic direction of two popular deejays, Francisco Rojos and Fabrizio Zoro, Kizomba Compilation has tons of feelings to offer from the very first time. All the 11 tracks of this tasteful CD, even if they are homogenous in their style, offer different sides and slight contaminations, but what surprises the most is the evocative and mysterious atmosphere that makes this album ideal to listen to. The recent kizomba is becoming very popular among the Latin music dancers and lovers; it comes from Africa and it travelled all over the globe in just a few years thanks also to electronic sounds and multi-language interpretations which favored the birth of several musical and choreographic sub-genres.
I Don’t Wanna Know, adaptation of a famous hit, opens the compilation expanding its magic atmosphere from its first notes, highlighted by Massimo Scalici’s superb interpretation.
Tony Velardi’s wit gave birth to Tell Me, a track sung by Gloria Bianco Vega whose lyrics are characterized by a combo of three languages: French, English and Spanish. Good start for Urbana 22 who created 12 A Love with a sound full of mystery which progressively becomes more electronic. Latin Sound Machine presents Crazy, a kizomba version of Seal’s hit. From JT Latin Factory follows Perdon, a remake of an original reggae ton track sung by Jesus Marrero. The skill of Puma Dj, expert Kizomba songwriter, gives birth to Tarraxa Bagaxa, a track characterized by an intense sound, experimental, but definitely peculiar. Naike’s wonderful voice sings Was You, a song produced by Otra Fuente, whose arrangements have been taken care of by Marco Ferretti and his intuition. Marco Ferretti also puts his signature on Driving In The Night; definitely a hit, in cooperation with Fabio Gianni leader of Latin Sound Machine.

After a short hiatus, here comes Selena Thomas once again; her Sugar On My Lips sees Fabrizio Zoro’s contribution and Tony Velardi’s supervision. The great Pablo Timba created Guy Next Door, sung by the wonderful voice of Regina and with the beautiful guitars of Giuseppe Di Pietro. The compilation ends with Latin Sound Machine and its The Only Way, a fascinating track. A special thank you goes to all the other musicians, authors and songwriters who contributed to the first project of this new journey. Special thanks to Emi Music Italia, Star Edizioni and Café Concerto Italia. Thanks also to Smayra Publishing and Alosibla Music Group staff for coordinating this production.I Art Comunication