Kizomba Compilation Vol.3




The third edition of Kizomba Compilation marks the opening of the Italian music season dedicated to those who are passionate for music. Characterized by a multifaceted sound as well as eclectic sonorities, with its proper appeal “Kizomba” attracts dance lovers who draw the time with sinuous movements through a magic overlap of tribal and Carribean rhythms that find their expression in a charming dance with irrepressible vital energy and sensuality.
Kizomba Compilation Vol. 3 represents the natural evolution of those melodic contents as well as attractive and seductive atmospheres we have already found in previous releases; such a wealth of musical emotions that make the variegated intensity of two souls melded in a captivating affinity.
With unswerving dedication, Alosibla Music Group sets up and produces musical energies from different realities, creative and artistic origins. Kizomba Compilation Vol. 3 is available both in traditional audio CD distributed on website, and in digital format at major Musical Stores.
Press release: I Art Comunication


To Laura Vinella, poetess, is left to mention those emotions of the first listening that spread from the first notes.

  • Huaynito Para Cantar is characterized by exquisite, light and pleasant tones with a delicate gracefulness.
  • Groovin Night owns great dynamism and energy.
  • Aquarius, in this song the atmosphere is getting more mysterious and intriguing, almost hypnotic.
  • Sugar enhances softness and eroticism, elements blending in a combination that has got the consistency and sweetness of honey.
  • Eu NaoVou Mudar flows quietly with the fluency and smoothness of an innate and reliable movement.
  • Avuke, tribal and primitive, it impels to changing and evolution of the events.
  • Ke Sera distinguishes for the temptation of a very sensual approach.
  • Por Tu Amor has got the sunny brightness, and the warmth of a smile lighted of desires.
  • Moon evokes charm and pleasure scenarios.
  • Adictive To Your Love, in this song the trend is getting more impetuous and overwhelming.
  • Sensation, the evocations are highly uninhibited and erotic.
  • Paradise placates instincts and takes back to calmness and relaxed balance, there is however the feel of mystery background.
  • Sin Palabras, traces and echoes of a tango transmit all the magic and the passion of it.
  • Pa Bo Mi, exuberant, lively, rich in fresh authenticity.
  • Quero Un Beso evokes dream and abandon.


Laura Vinella