Kizomba Compilation Vol.2




Riding the wave of the many labels selling kizomba as a new emerging genre on the European and worldwide music scene, and following the first collection’s success, Kizomba Compilation is back on stage with a second release. Produced by Alosibla Music Group and Smayra Publishing, being supported by Kizomba Italia this year, one of the most important associations for the diffusion of Kizomba (that is also a pioneer and a well-known organizer of some of the most popular Italian events), boasting two renown djs such as Francisco Rojos and Fabrizio Zoro as art directors, Kizomba Compilation strikes again featuring some even richer and more intense atmospheres than ever before.
Born in Angola between the 80s and 90s from the fusion of Semba (a precursor of modern samba) with tribal and Caribbean rhythms, kizomba was quick to cancel distances between continents by overcoming the borders of Latin countries and spreading throughout Europe and worldwide. Enriched by new electronic sounds, influenced by new genres and styles linked to various languages and cultures, drawing its strengths from the natural sensuality and beauty of its melodies matched with the hypnotic feel of slow and rhythmic percussions, kizomba has naturally evolved into a wide range of music styles, each one being connected to different choreographies and dance styles.
The 14 tracks enclosed in the smart looking CD offer all that and much more by highlighting the many facets and gentle contaminations that make each track unique and, above all, the evocative and mysterious moods that make this a most enjoyable album to listen to.
The first track, NO PERDAMOS TIEMPO, is the first kizomba piece to be produced by the Alkimia Music label, and is also a great debut for the singer Franklin Romero that with his captivating style is bound to surprise the listeners. Tony Velardi’s talent and flair are behind TOY and KIZBOY, two instrumental tracks featuring a wealth of electronic sounds that will provide the most skilled dancers with the opportunity to give vent to their imagination. The following track is DON’T YOU KNOW that boasts some extraordinary duets, whose composer is Fabio Gianni, the leader of “Latin Sound Machine”. Puma Dj’s imagination gave birth to PUMP IT UP, where an exceptional and intriguing female voice plays the leading role. The warmth of Ana Maria’s voice will then cast a spell on the listeners with ALMA, making the most of E.C. Project’s debut. On the other hand, TRAVESURA originated from the cooperation of Scaer – a young deejay just over 18 devoted to house music, whose first appearance is complemented by Larry Bass’ experience (who completed the production) – with the guest rapper Rodri Go! and the singers Laura and Carola, that enhance the track thanks to their harmonious backing vocals. Directly from Portugal, one of the first countries where kizomba has taken hold and evolved, the Sousa Brothers follows with TA FIXÉ and ONLINE BEAT, to reaffirm their expertise with a more avant-garde and experimental kind of sound. The great international success they’ve been enjoying in the last years is a further proof of their talent. Dj Pé and Gianni Dj are the authors of HOT, a catching track enriched by some biting and absorbing synth. The next track, ELEONOR, by E.D.O and Puma Dj that have successfully engaged in another exciting, urban style kizomba, is another remarkable gem of this precious collection. Queensy’s splendid voice is the shining star of NEVER WITHOUT YOU and DENGO DE MULHER, two tracks revealing a gentle pop influence that catches the listeners’ attention from the very first chords. The CD ends with RÊVER KIZOMBA, masterly sung by Julien Kbwebwe in French enhancing the genre’s natural disposition for a variety of languages regardless of geography. Special thanks go to all the other musicians, authors and composers who contributed to the development of this second Kizomba Compilation. Our most heartfelt thanks go to the staff at Smayra Publishing and Alosibla Music Group for the dedication and efforts they put in coordinating the work during the CD production.

Press release by Matteo Vergani.