Dj Loco, the stage name for Fabrizio Sartor,(born on October 29th,1992). He’s a young and talented Italian Disc –Jockey. He’s modestly speaking, known for his progressive house style and Edm sound.

Dj Loco started his first ever show-biz experience at the age of 14 and together with another artist they form a hip-hop duo. From then onwards his passion for the console and scartching ‘sound effects’, change his world. He slowly realizes that his direction and passionate inspirations lead him to his chosen musical genre, House Music. In 2010 he leaves his hip hop duo to continue a solo career and begins playing and performing in various important Discos e local venues in the outskirts of Milan. Dj Loco in the meantime is also taking a sound-engineering course, to enhance , improve and broaden his sound and mixing techiniques in the dance field; an important element for any dj. to grasp and hold. He’s continously out there, experimenting to discover that right and unique style , that only a producer like Dj Loco can deliver.

His new single Fairytale feat. Geeza, will be released on the 10th of November, 2014 available in all of the major Digital music stores, around the world.

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