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Conditions to maintain the collaboration between you and Alosibla Music Group. Terms and conditions to continue your cooperation with Alosibla Music Group. The sending of promo tracks shall include all single tracks and compilations released after your registration. The tracks shall be sent in a digital format, as high audio resolution mp3s, to the address specified in the form. Any address changes must be promptly notified through the following email address: If you are interested in promo tracks produced before your registration, you should contact us by email at: Such promo tracks will be sent to the address you entered in the registration form. They will be sent to you in a digital format (mp3), together with the cover graphics (front and back) and the authorization to use them. If requested, the promotional publications may also be provided in a standard CD format, against payment of the actual CD, as well as any Italian Authors’ Association fees (SIAE) and mailing costs.

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